Toulouse and Albi are two of the most stylish and dynamic cities of Southern France while the Tarn départment, covering almost 6000 km², is a magical land of vineyards, forests, mountains and rivers

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Toulouse is the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, and France's fourth biggest city.
Toulouse Tourist Office
Panoramic views of Toulouse

The gite is only 45 minutes from Toulouse and its international airport

Albi, one hour from Toulouse, is the capital of the Tarn départment in the Midi-Pyrénées
Travel review of Albi
Albi Tourist Office
Toulouse-Lautrec museum

The gite is 10 minutes from Albi

The départment of Tarn
Probably the prettiest départment in the Midi-Pyrénées
The Tarn Valley
Tarn Tourist Board
Tourism guide to the Tarn

The gite is centrally located in the Tarn

Travel - by air
Toulouse airport, 45 minutes away, has regular flights from many major cities including London Heathrow, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt and Amsterdam

Low fare airlines also fly into Toulouse, particularly during the summer months, from
Birmingham - bmi regional
Bristol - Easyjet
Dublin - Aer Lingus
Edinburgh -
Leeds/Bradford -
London Gatwick - Easyjet
London Stansted (starting November 2016) - Ryanair
Manchester -
Carcassone airport is 90 minutes away. Ryanair operates flights to Carcassonne from
London Stansted
Glasgow Prestwick
East Midlands
Travel - by road
Car rental deals - Toulouse airport
There is a motorway junction about 10 minutes from the gite which links into the European network - ideal for longer excursions or for travelling on.
Approximate driving times from the gite :
Toulouse - 45 minutes
Millau viaduct - 2 hours
The Mediterranean - 2 to 2.5 hours
The Pyrénées mountains - 2 to 2.5 hours
Bordeaux - just over 2.5 hours
Marseille - just over 4 hours
San Sebastián, Spain - 4.5 hours
Barcelona, Spain - just over 4.5 hours
Monte Carlo, Monaco - just under 6 hours
Paris - 6.5 hours
Geneva, Switzerland - 7 hours
Valencia, Spain - 7.5 hours
Milan, Italy - just under 9 hours